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Income Tax Calculator

Tax Calculator (F.Y.2022-2023)

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Tax Calculator (FY: 2023-2024)

1. Salary Income from all the Employer
(after all exemption/before Standard deduction)

2. House Property - From all the HP's
(enter Net income as -ve/+ve)

3. Business Income from all the business

- other than Presumptive Income

- Presumptive Income

4. Capital Gain

- LTCG 10% (112A)

- LTCG 20%

- STCG 15% (111A)

- STCG Others

5. Other Income
(including interest and others)

Brought forward losses

- House property

- Business Ordinary

- Business Speculation

- Long term capital gain

- Short term capital gain

Deduction under chapter VI-A
As per old regime

- 80C

- 80D

- 80E

Deduction under chapter VI-A
As per new regime

- 80CCD2

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