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Key highlights of RBI’s Monetary Policy – 5th December 2019

Key highlights of RBI’s monetary policy – 5th December 2019

  1. Repo rate maintained at 5.15%.

  2. The reverse repo rate under the LAF has been kept at 4.90 %.

  3. The marginal standing facility (MSF) rate has been maintained at 5.40 %.

  4. The Bank Rate is kept unchanged at 5.40 %.

  5. Projected GDP growth rate revised to 5% from 6.1%.

  6. CPI for second half of FY revised from 3.5-3.7% to 5.1-4.7%.

  7. Indicated space for monetary policy action in future.

  8. Accommodative stance of Monetary Policy to continue with twin focus of inflation control and reviving growth.

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