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Income Tax Appeals Procedure Course

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Master the Income Tax Appeals Procedure

Gain insights from industry-leading experts

Learn the A to Z of appeals concept in a few clicks

Become an expert in handling appeals

Helpful for taxpayers, professionals, and students

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Beginning from 19th August

Discover how to participate in and manage virtual hearings

Welcome to TaxBuddy’s online Income Tax Appeals Course tailored to enhance your skills and expertise required to navigate the complexities of appeals and litigation. Whether you are an individual taxpayer, tax professional, or lawyer, you can rely on this comprehensive course for practical insights and strategies to effectively handle the appeals process.

Get ready to make a deal with income tax appeals in a zero-stress way!

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Why Invest in Income Tax Appeals Training

Give Your Best as a Professional

This online course can augment your knowledge as a professional, enabling you to discharge your professional duties better. Every time a client needs to file an appeal, your in-depth understanding of the Income Tax Proceedings will give you an upper hand. Add credibility and build your reputation as a tax professional with this advanced course.

Avail of Valuable Support as a Taxpayer

Challenging the decision of the IT Department through an appeal is a complex legal process. It can be daunting for an individual taxpayer who knows nothing about the appeals process. With our online Income Tax Appeals Course, you can gain valuable support that keeps you on top of legal guidelines and requirements. Rest assured, you cannot go wrong with the appeals process.

Want to know more about the Income Tax Appeals Course online?

Know What You Will Get


*Exclusive of Taxes

5 Content Modules

Round-the-Clock Discussion Forum

Certificate of Completion

Training by Top Leaders and Mentors

20 Hours of Video Lectures

Case-Based Analytical Studies

Income Tax Appeals Course Content at a Glance

Module 1: Understanding Income Tax Appeals

If a taxpayer is dissatisfied with the assessment rendered by the Assessing Officer or the order they issued about their total income, they have the right to file an appeal with the income tax authorities. To appeal lawfully, you must, however, be aware of the procedure and adhere to the rules. TaxBuddy’s online income tax appeals course covers the fundamentals of the procedure.

  • Introduction of the income tax appeals procedures

  • Types of appeals (CIT (Appeal), ITAT, High Court, Supreme Court)

  • Grounds for appeals and submissions

Module 4: Practical Case Studies

While income tax notice appeals involve a clear process with well-defined steps, it can be complicated when you get down to real work. Our income tax appeals course helps you gain real-world insight into the procedure by digging deep into cases and examples. With this hands-on knowledge, you feel confident about the process, whether you are an individual taxpayer or a professional.

  • Analyzing real-life income tax appeal cases

  • Mock hearings and role-play exercises

Module 2: Procedural Aspects

Filing an appeal involves a complex legal process. You need to fill out Form 35 and send it to the IT Department to initiate an appeal. Furthermore, as soon as you receive the demand notice that you disagree with, you immediately start the appeal process. This course provides a thorough explanation of the income tax appeals process.

  • Filing procedure and timelines

  • Preparation for hearings

  • Evidence collection and documentation

Module 5: Overview of Scrutiny Cases, Raids, Search & Seizures

An income tax appeal may not be just a simple procedure in case of scrutiny, raids, searches, and seizures. Even sincere and innocent taxpayers are scared of the "Income Tax Survey & Raid" since they don't know enough about the intricate laws. Thus, it's critical to understand some basic information regarding Income Tax Visits and their regulations. TaxBuddy’s income tax appeals course has you covered.

Module 3: Drafting Effective Appeals

Drafting an effective income tax appeal requires skill and expertise. Covering Not Just Facts, but Legal Arguments Backed by Relevant Case Precedents, should be included in the Statement of Facts. Only pertinent facts that are either directly or indirectly related to the additions made in the assessment order should be included in the facts section. Clear facts should not be presented in an argumentative manner. You can do it all with this course. 

  • Crafting appeal petitions and submissions

  • Practical exercises for hands-on training

Benefits of TaxBuddy’s Income Tax Appeals Course Online

TaxBuddy’s income tax appeals course serves diverse benefits, making it an ideal choice for learners. Here are the ones you can gain with this course:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the income tax appeals process

  • Learn from seasoned tax professionals, lawyers, and industry experts

  • Get a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills

  • Boost confidence and advocacy skills through hands-on experience

  • Master drafting with creative insights and proven strategies

  • Acquire sample drafting PDFs

Our income tax appeals course is ideal for  financial advisors, accountants, tax professionals, semi-qualified CAs and individual taxpayers. Become a future-ready taxpayer or professional with this high-value, skill-based training programme.

Income Tax Appeals Course Beginning on 19th Aug. till 30th August 2024

Special Doubt Session for 31st August

What’s in it for you?


Choosing Between Old and New Tax Regimes

22 Mar 2024 (12pm to 12.30pm)


Setoff carry forward of losses

29 Mar 2024 (12pm to 12.30pm)

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You will receive the Zoom link upon successful completion of the registration.


Tune in live on YouTube every Friday, from 12 pm to 12.30 pm.

Meet the Mentor

Complexities of taxation law.
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What Learners Say


Kavitha Ranganathan, Chartered Accountant:

Local Guide • 2 months ago

"TaxBuddy's Income Tax Appeals Course provided me with invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of tax appeals. The practical case studies and hands-on training truly enhanced my skills as a tax professional. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to excel in the field of tax law."


Google Reviews


4.7 rating star


Arjun Kumar, Individual Taxpayer:

3 months ago

"As someone unfamiliar with the appeals process, I found TaxBuddy's course incredibly helpful. The clear explanations and real-life examples gave me the confidence to challenge the decisions of the IT Department. Thanks to this course, I now feel equipped to handle any tax......


Google Reviews

5.0 rating star


Priya Menon, Financial Advisor:

Local Guide • 2 months ago

"Enrolling in TaxBuddy's Income Tax Appeals Course was one of the best decisions I made for my career. The comprehensive understanding I gained, coupled with the practical skills I developed, have significantly enhanced my advisory services.......


Google Reviews


4.7 rating star



Ravi Shankar, Tax Lawyer:

1 month ago

"Having practiced tax law for years, I thought I knew everything about income tax appeals. However, TaxBuddy's course opened my eyes to new strategies and techniques that have greatly improved my practice. The mentorship provided by industry experts was invaluable. I wholeheartedly endorse this course to my fellow legal professionals."


Google Reviews


4.9 rating star


Lakshmi Suresh, Semi-Qualified CA:

1 month ago

"Transitioning from a semi-qualified CA to a fully competent professional was made easier by TaxBuddy's Income Tax Appeals Course. The mix of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises helped me refine my skills and gain confidence in handling complex tax matters. I am grateful for this enriching learning experience."


Google Reviews

5 Rating star


Frequently asked questions


Who is this course suitable for?


This course is suitable for  tax professionals, lawyers, individual taxpayers and anyone interested in mastering the income tax appeals procedure.


Why should I invest in this Income Tax Appeals Training?


Investing in this training can provide valuable support for taxpayers navigating the appeals process and enhance the skills and credibility of professionals in handling appeals for their clients.


What does the course cover?


The course covers various aspects of income tax appeals, including understanding the appeals procedure, procedural aspects, drafting effective appeals, practical case studies, and an overview of scrutiny cases, raids, searches, and seizures.


What are the benefits of enrolling in TaxBuddy’s Income Tax Appeals Course?


Some benefits include gaining a comprehensive understanding of the appeals process, learning from seasoned professionals and experts, acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills, boosting confidence and advocacy skills, mastering drafting techniques, and receiving sample drafting PDFs.


How long is the course?


The duration of the course is 7 Days


What resources will I have access to?


Learners will have access to 5 content modules,doubt sessions , a certificate of completion, training by top leaders and mentors, and X hours of video lectures.


When does the course begin?


The course begins on 19th August 2024


Who is the mentor for the course?


The course is led by experienced industry professionals and experts. More details about the mentor(s) can be found in the "Meet the Mentor" section.


Is there any prior knowledge required to enroll in the course?


Yes, prior knowledge is necessary. Familiarity with basic ITR filing and an understanding of income tax laws and procedures could be advantageous.


How do I enroll in the course?


You can enroll in the course by registering online and paying the specified fee of Rs 25,000

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