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Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) is a mandatory contribution

EPF provides financial safety net for employees post-retirement

Accrues interest on an annual basis, enhancing the overall savings

Premature withdrawals are allowed under specific conditions

For the withdrawal, forms are available on the EPFO website


Simplify Your PF Withdrawal with TaxBuddy's Expert Assistance

Essential Documents for PF Withdrawal

For a smooth PF withdrawal process, ensure you have the following documents in order:

Universal Account Number (UAN)

Universal Account Number (UAN):

Your UAN is a crucial identifier for EPF withdrawal. Ensure it's readily available for the process.

Bank Account Information

Bank Account Information: Provide accurate bank account details to facilitate the seamless transfer of the EPF amount.

Identity and Address Proof

Identity and Address Proof:

Include valid identity and address proof documents to verify your credentials.

Canceled Cheque with IFSC Code and Account Number

Canceled Cheque with IFSC Code and Account Number:

Submit a canceled cheque bearing both the IFSC code and account number to streamline fund transfers.

With these essential documents in hand, you can navigate the PF withdrawal process effortlessly. For personalized guidance, trust TaxBuddy to assist you at every step.

PF Withdrawal and Tax Implications

  • EPF withdrawals are exempt from taxation if an employee consistently contributes for five consecutive years.

  • If there's a break in EPF contributions within the five-year period, the withdrawal becomes taxable for that FY.

  • TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) is applicable when an employee withdraws an EPF amount exceeding Rs 50,000 before completing five years of service.

  • For early EPF withdrawals (before five years) exceeding Rs 50,000:

  1. TDS of 10% is deducted if the employee provides their PAN card.

  2. Without a PAN card, the TDS rate increases to 30%.

  • Employees can avoid TDS by submitting Form 15G (for individuals below 60 years) or Form 15H (for individuals above 60 years).

  • EPF withdrawals after completing five years of continuous service are tax-free, and no TDS is deducted.

  • TaxBuddy keeps you informed for optimal financial planning and to make informed decisions regarding EPF withdrawals.

PF Withdrawal and Tax Implications

Various Types Of PF Withdrawal

EPF withdrawals are categorized into various types, each serving specific purposes. Here's an overview:

EPF Form 19 - Final Settlement:

  • Utilize EPF Form 19 for the final settlement, allowing you to withdraw the entire EPF corpus.

  • This form includes essential details such as member information, employment history, and mode of payment.

  • Online filling involves steps like UAN login, bank account verification, and Aadhaar OTP verification.

EPF Form 31 - Partial Withdrawal (Advance):

  • EPF Form 31 facilitates partial withdrawal or advance from the EPF account for specific needs.

  • To download, visit the EPFO portal and ensure your bank account, PAN, and Aadhaar details are updated.

  • Online submission involves logging into the EPFO portal, selecting the 'Claim' option, and proceeding with the necessary details.

EPF Form 10C - EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) Withdrawal:

  • Form 10C is used to withdraw or transfer the EPS amount.

  • Online filling requires UAN login, selecting 'Online Services,' and choosing 'Claim' to proceed with the EPS withdrawal.

  • The process involves verifying details, selecting the claim type, entering the permanent address, and completing Aadhaar OTP verification.

How TaxBuddy Simplifies PF Withdrawal

Step-by-Step Guidance

Our user-friendly interface guides you through each step of the PF withdrawal process, ensuring you provide accurate information required for a smooth transaction.

Tax Optimization

TaxBuddy analyzes your financial situation to identify opportunities for tax optimization. We help you structure your PF withdrawal in a way that minimizes tax impact.

Compliance Assurance

Stay compliant with tax regulations. TaxBuddy ensures that your PF withdrawal assistance adheres to the latest tax laws, preventing any unforeseen issues.

At TaxBuddy, we comprehend the crucial importance of accessing your Provident Fund (PF), and our mission is centered around facilitating a smooth PF withdrawal process for you. Allow us to expertly guide you through the intricate steps of PF withdrawal, leveraging TaxBuddy's proficiency to optimize your tax liabilities and ensure financial efficiency. Your journey to PF withdrawal is simplified and made seamless with TaxBuddy by your side.

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) withdrawal

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Assisted PF withdrawal process ensured by tax experts

PF Withdrawal


*Exclusive of Taxes

Add Nomination details in EPFO


*Exclusive of Taxes

Guidelines For Online EPF Withdrawal Application Through UAN Portal

Guidelines For Online EPF Withdrawal Application Through UAN Portal - GIF

Frequently asked questions


What are the rules for PF withdrawal?


Employees can withdraw their Provident Fund (PF) under certain conditions, such as retirement, unemployment for a continuous period of two months, or migration abroad.


How can I withdraw PF amount?


PF withdrawal can be initiated through the online portal of the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) or by submitting a physical application to the respective regional PF office.


What is the PF withdrawal process?


To withdraw PF, you need to fill out Form 19 (for EPF withdrawal) or Form 10C (for EPS withdrawal) and submit it along with supporting documents to the EPFO office. Alternatively, you can initiate the process online through the EPFO portal.


What is Form 15G for PF withdrawal?


Form 15G is a self-declaration form that can be submitted to the EPFO to declare that your total income is below the taxable limit. This form helps you avoid TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) on your PF withdrawal.


How can I download Form 15G for PF withdrawal?


Form 15G for PF withdrawal can be downloaded from the official EPFO website or obtained from the nearest EPFO office.


How can I withdraw PF amount online?


PF withdrawal online can be initiated through the EPFO portal by logging in with your UAN (Universal Account Number) and completing the online withdrawal claim form.


What is the PF withdrawal form number?


The main form for PF withdrawal is Form 19, and for EPS (Employee Pension Scheme) withdrawal, it is Form 10C. Form 15G is submitted to declare that TDS should not be deducted.


How can I check my PF withdrawal status?


You can check the status of your PF withdrawal online by logging into the EPFO portal and navigating to the 'Track Claim Status' section.


What is the PF withdrawal limit?


There is no specific limit for PF withdrawal. However, the amount you can withdraw depends on factors such as the purpose of withdrawal, length of service, and other criteria defined by the EPFO.


How many days does PF withdrawal take online?


The online PF withdrawal process typically takes around 10 to 15 days, but the exact duration may vary based on the completeness of documentation and verification processes.


How can I withdraw the full PF amount?


To withdraw the full PF amount, you need to submit Form 19 for EPF withdrawal and Form 10C for EPS withdrawal, either online or offline, based on your preference. Make sure to complete all required documentation accurately.


How can TaxBuddy assist in the PF withdrawal process?


TaxBuddy provides comprehensive guidance and support throughout the PF withdrawal process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.


What are the rules governing PF withdrawal?


PF withdrawal rules are determined by the EPFO. These rules specify eligibility criteria, documentation requirements, and conditions under which members can withdraw their Provident Fund.


Are there any tax implications associated with PF withdrawal?


Yes, tax implications may apply depending on factors such as the reason for withdrawal and the duration of PF contribution.


How can I withdraw my PF amount?


You can withdraw your PF amount by submitting a duly filled withdrawal form either through your employer or directly on the EPFO portal.


What documents are required for PF withdrawal?


The documentation required for PF withdrawal includes a filled withdrawal form, KYC documents, and other specified proofs.


Can I withdraw my PF amount online?


Yes, PF withdrawal can be done online through the EPFO portal.


Are there any advantages to withdrawing PF online?


Online PF withdrawal offers convenience and speed. TaxBuddy ensures you navigate the online process seamlessly, leveraging the benefits of digital withdrawal.


How long does it take for PF withdrawal online?


The processing time for online PF withdrawal varies, but it is generally quicker compared to traditional methods.


Can TaxBuddy assist in expediting the PF withdrawal procedure?


TaxBuddy ensures a streamlined PF withdrawal assistance, guiding you through the necessary steps efficiently and expeditiously.

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