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How Our Privacy Policy Functions

At SSBA Innovations Ltd, which we'll refer to as "SSBA" for brevity, we hold a strong commitment to safeguarding personal information that pertains to our clients and other individuals. Our dedication extends to full compliance with the Information Technology Act, 2000, and any associated amendments, as well as all other pertinent laws in effect within India. Our highest priority is nurturing the trust and relationships we have with our clients.

This privacy policy serves as a comprehensive document delineating SSBA's procedures for collecting and sharing personal information. It specifically pertains to the data we gather and employ for the management of various income tax policies and for providing services to our clients. These services encompass, but are not restricted to, tasks such as tax preparation, tax planning, tax scrutiny, addressing tax queries, and delivering financial planning advisory services within the Indian context.

To Whom This Privacy Policy Applies:

This privacy policy is relevant to a range of individuals and entities, including but not limited to the following:

  •  Clients: These are the individuals who have engaged with our services and entrusted us with their personal information.
  • Advisers: This category includes professionals and experts who collaborate with us or provide guidance to our clients.
  • Visitors: Anyone who accesses our website or app, whether they are casual visitors or registered users, falls under this classification.
  • Service Providers: This pertains to entities and individuals who offer services to us or act on our behalf.
  • Enquirers: People who inquire about our services, policies, or other related matters.
  • Direct and/or Indirect Beneficiaries: Those who directly benefit from our services or individuals who indirectly gain advantages from our offerings.

For the sake of brevity, we'll collectively refer to all of these categories as "you." This policy applies to all aspects of our website, app, and the various products and services we provide, which encompass, among other offerings, Income Tax Return filing, Tax Notices, Tax Scrutiny, Tax Planning Applications, and related ancillary products and services.

Functionality of This Privacy Policy:

This privacy policy serves the purpose of elucidating our privacy-related protocols and encompasses the following key facets:

  • Information We May Collect About You: This section delineates the types of personal information that we may gather from you.
  • Why We Collect Information About You: Here, we expound on the rationale behind the collection of your personal data.
  • How We May Use Your Personal Information: This segment elucidates the various ways in which we might utilize your personal information.
  • Consent: We discuss the role of consent in the processing of your personal data, in compliance with applicable laws.
  • Sharing Your Personal Information: This section clarifies the circumstances under which we might share your personal information, ensuring adherence to confidentiality norms.
  • Transmission, Storage, and Security of Your Personal Information: We outline our commitment to safeguarding your data and the measures we employ for this purpose.
  • Retention of Your Personal Information: This part explains the duration for which we retain your personal information and the reasons for doing so.
  • Your Rights: Here, you'll find information about your rights regarding your personal data in accordance with relevant legal provisions.
  • Contacting Us: You are provided with details on how to get in touch with our designated Grievance Officer for privacy-related matters.
  • Changes to Our Privacy Policy: We acknowledge that our website and services may evolve over time, and we undertake to keep you informed about any modifications to this privacy policy.
  •  Cookies Statement: This section pertains to the use of cookies on our website and how they may impact your browsing experience.
  • Miscellaneous: This is a catch-all section covering any additional information that may be pertinent to our privacy practices.

Information We May Collect About You:

We may gather and process the subsequent personal information about you:

  • Newsletter Subscription: When you subscribe to our newsletter, we collect your email address.

  • Provided Information: Information you willingly provide by completing forms or uploading data.

  • Registration Details: To register, you are required to furnish personal identification details, including your name, address, contact information, email address, and a password. These details are essential for the provision of tax preparation services.

  • Advisory Services: If you utilize our advisory services, this may encompass information regarding your instructions for such services, as well as the management and administration of those services. Additionally, it may include information related to any claims or complaints, including details provided by third parties.

  • Tax-Related Information: To access tax-related services, you must provide a range of data, including (but not limited to) your name, address, email address, phone number, Permanent Account Number ("PAN"), bank account details, MICR Code, income and deductions data, Director Identification Number (DIN), expense data, asset and liability particulars, vouchers, bank statements, FORM 15CA, FORM 16, FORM 26AS, tax payment challans, debit and credit account numbers, along with their expiration details, and any other information necessary for the preparation of your tax return.

  • Tax Scrutiny/Tax Notice Services: If you wish to avail of our Tax Scrutiny/Tax Notice services, we collect relevant information from you, including copies of notices or correspondence sent to you by the relevant department. This data is required for the preparation and submission of appropriate responses to such notices on your behalf.

  • Communication Records: In the event of your contact with us, we may retain records of correspondence, emails, voicemails, or details of conversations conducted with you.

  • Website Interaction: We collect details pertaining to your visits to our website. This includes information obtained through cookies and various tracking technologies, encompassing your IP address, domain name, browser version, operating system, traffic data, location data, web logs, and other communication data. We also monitor the resources you access on our website.

  • Publicly Available Information: We may gather data available in the public domain or from publicly accessible sources, which may include information from social media websites.

Why We Collect Information About You:

We may process your personal information for specific legitimate or lawful purposes, including but not limited to the following:

  • Enhancing Network and Information Security: We collect data to bolster the security of our network and information systems, safeguarding them from potential threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Preventing Online Fraud and Cybercrime: Your information is used to identify and prevent online fraud and incidents of cybercrime, ensuring the safety and integrity of our services.
  •  Maintaining Accounts and Records: We utilize personal information for the maintenance of our accounts and records, ensuring accurate and up-to-date financial and operational information.
  • Customizing and Enhancing Services and Communications: Personal data is employed to tailor and enhance our services and communications, providing you with a more personalized and efficient experience.
  • Compliance with Applicable Laws: We collect and process information to adhere to the laws currently in force in India, as well as guidelines, orders issued by law enforcement agencies, court requirements, and regulatory obligations.
  • Claims and Legal Defense: Your data may be utilized in the context of defending or asserting legal claims, safeguarding our rights and interests, and ensuring compliance with legal obligations.
  • Facilitating Tax Planning and Advisory Services: Information is used to correspond with clients, beneficiaries, and claimants, facilitating the provision of tax planning and advisory services.
  • Meeting Legal Obligations: We process personal information to fulfill our legal obligations as mandated by the relevant authorities.
  • Protection of Vital Interests: Personal data may be processed to protect your vital interests or those of another individual, particularly in circumstances where such protection is paramount.
  • Training and Quality Assurance: Information is used for training and quality assurance purposes, ensuring that our services meet high standards of excellence.
  • Know Your Client/Customer (KYC) Compliance: We may collect and process data to fulfill KYC compliance requirements as per prevailing regulations.
  • Performance of Contract: Personal information may be processed for the performance of a contract with you or to undertake necessary steps to enter into a contractual agreement.
  • Performance of Public Interest Tasks: In certain instances, personal data may be processed in the performance of tasks carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority, as mandated by relevant laws and regulations.

How We May Utilize Your Personal Information:

We employ your personal information in the following manners:

  • Assessment for Tax Planning and Advisory Services: Your data is used to evaluate and determine whether tax planning or advisory services should be provided to you.
  • Management of Income Tax Filing and Advisory Services: We use your personal information to efficiently manage tasks related to your income tax return filing and advisory services, including tax planning.
  • Monitoring Calls and Transactions: Personal information is utilized to monitor calls and transactions, ensuring service quality, compliance with established procedures, fraud prevention, and adherence to the Information Technology Act, 2000, and other relevant laws currently in effect in India, along with SSBA's policies.
  • Identity Verification: Your data is employed to identify you and conduct necessary identity checks as mandated by applicable laws and best practices.
  • Payment Recovery: We process your personal information for the purpose of recovering any outstanding payments due to us.
  • Service Analysis for Improvement: Personal data is analyzed to gain insights into the services we provide, enabling us to enhance our business operations and better serve our clients.
  • Infrastructure and Operational Management: Your information is used to manage our infrastructure, streamline business operations, and ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures.
  • Service Notifications: We may employ your data to notify you about any changes or updates to our services.
  • Marketing Communications: Personal information is used for marketing purposes, allowing us to reach out to you through various channels, including postal mail, email, SMS, and phone.

It is important to note that we will never process your personal data when such processing conflicts with your interests or rights. Your privacy and interests are of utmost importance to us.


When you subscribe to our newsletters, we collect your email address for the purpose of sending you these newsletters. We are committed to transparency in explaining the information we gather and how we utilize it. Our aim is to provide you with better services, enhance your financial well-being, operate our business effectively, and make our services more intelligent and useful to you. It is important to emphasize that we never sell or share your Personal Information with third parties for their own commercial use without your explicit consent, under any circumstances.


Your consent to the processing of your personal information for specific purposes may be obligatory to comply with the Information Technology Act 2000, along with all its amendments, and other relevant laws in effect in India. In cases where your consent is required in accordance with these laws, we will request your consent. You retain the right to withdraw your consent for such processing at any time.

From the moment you visit our website and engage with its content, it will be considered that you have granted your consent to abide by the privacy policies of SSBA Innovations Ltd.

Sharing Your Personal Information:

We are dedicated to upholding non-disclosure standards and all related agreements. We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of websites linked to us. However, it is important to note that we do not exercise control over third-party websites. Consequently, SSBA Innovations Ltd. may access and/or share your personal information with:

Our Affiliates:

SSBA Innovations Ltd. may share information with its affiliated entities, including but not limited to SSBA Insurance Broker Ltd and associated affiliate offices as permitted by law. We may provide your personal data to our group companies, but solely for the purposes delineated in this privacy policy. Access to personal information within SSBA Innovations Ltd. and our affiliates is restricted to individuals who require access for our business operations. Your personal information will not be sold or shared with unauthorized third parties for their own commercial use without your explicit consent.

Service Providers: Know Your Customer (KYC) Validation Agencies and Other Related Entities:

In compliance with applicable laws, SSBA Innovations Ltd. may disclose your personal information to service providers, including but not limited to KYC validating agencies and other related entities. This disclosure may encompass your KYC details, such as KYC status validation, KYC documentation status, Aadhaar authentication, PAN validity checks, and retrieval of your KYC details, among others. Additionally, your information may be shared with your bank for the creation of an automated financial profile and with various tax departments for accessing your Form 26AS. This sharing is done to automate various data elements that you would otherwise need to manually input.

Where permissible under applicable law, SSBA Innovations Ltd. may reveal your personal information to service providers who perform business functions on our behalf, regardless of their location within or outside India. These third-party service providers may utilize information about your website visits, excluding personally identifiable information such as your name, address, email, or telephone number, to display advertisements for goods and services that may interest you. They may also gather anonymous data regarding your interactions with our products and services and use this data to tailor advertisements. This process employs industry-standard technology such as pixel tags, which is commonly used by major websites, ensuring that no personally identifiable information is collected or used. These service providers are contractually bound to use your personal information appropriately and lawfully, with measures in place to safeguard your data.

Joint Marketing Arrangements:

SSBA Innovations Ltd. may share information with joint marketers with whom we have marketing arrangements.

Persons Who Acquire Our Assets or Business:

If SSBA Innovations Ltd. transfers its rights, interests, or claims in any part of its business or assets, certain client information may be included in such transfers. In such cases, SSBA Innovations Ltd. will provide notification.

Other Third Parties: Governmental Authorities and Third Parties in Legal Proceedings:

SSBA Innovations Ltd. may disclose your personal information to third parties, including but not limited to courts of law and law enforcement agencies, in connection with investigations, proceedings, or inquiries by these parties, regardless of their location. This disclosure may also be made to facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements or dialogues with law enforcement agencies for the prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution, and punishment of cybercrime incidents or offenses. SSBA Innovations Ltd. will only proceed with such disclosures if government agencies ensure that the information obtained will not be published or shared with other parties. Additionally, aggregate information compiled from your personal data, which does not reveal individual identities, may be disclosed. Such information could include, for example, the total number of website visitors from a particular state or the average age of website users.

Transmission, Storage, and Security of Your Personal Information:

SSBA Innovations Ltd. is dedicated to safeguarding your personal data with the utmost care, diligence, and the latest technological advancements to prevent unauthorized access. We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that are commercially reasonable to protect your personal information in accordance with the Information Technology Act, 2000, along with its amendments and other pertinent laws in force in India.

All data under our control is securely stored on our servers, and access to it is subject to our established security policies and standards. To ensure the protection of personally identifiable information from loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction, SSBA Innovations Ltd. has implemented generally accepted technology and operational security standards.

Whenever you provide personal information on our website, it is transmitted using SSL (Secured Socket Layer) encryption. We require third parties to whom we disclose your personal data to have appropriate technical and organizational measures in place to safeguard your personal information.

If we have provided you with a password or if you have chosen one to access specific parts of our website or any other portal we operate, it is your responsibility to keep this password confidential and adhere to any other security procedures that we communicate to you. As a responsible service provider, we kindly request that you do not share your password with anyone.

Retention of Your Personal Information:

We will retain your personal information for a duration that is reasonably necessary for the purposes outlined in section 2 of this privacy policy. This retention period may entail keeping your personal information for an extended period when there's a potential need related to reviews conducted by agencies or for advisory services. Additionally, we may be obligated to retain your information to comply with tax, accounting, regulatory, or legal requirements.

To govern our data retention practices, we maintain a comprehensive data retention policy that is applied to all the data within our care. When your personal information is no longer necessary, we will ensure its secure deletion.

Your Rights:

The Information Technology Act of 2000, along with its subsequent amendments, bestows upon you certain rights concerning the personal information we hold about you. These rights encompass:

  • Requesting further details regarding the use of your personal information.

  • Obtaining a copy of the personal information we have on record for you.

  • Correcting any inaccuracies in your personal information that we maintain.

  • Requesting the deletion of any of your personal information that no longer has a lawful basis for usage.

  • Stopping specific processing activities by withdrawing your consent, where applicable.

  • Objecting to any processing based on our legitimate interests, unless our reasons for conducting such processing override any detriment to your data protection rights.

  • Transferring your personal information to a third party in a standardized machine-readable format.

In specific situations, we may need to restrict your rights to uphold the public interest, for example, in the prevention or detection of crime.

Contacting Us:

We have appointed a Grievance Officer to oversee the handling of personal information. You can reach out to our Grievance Officer for privacy-related matters using the following contact information:

  • Name: Mr. Pritish Sahoo

  • Designation: Grievance Officer

  • Contact:

Changes to Our Privacy Policy:

Please be aware that we may alter the content of our website or services without prior notice, which might lead to changes in our privacy policy. Therefore, we encourage you to periodically review it to stay informed about how we are utilizing personal information.

Cookies Statement:

Our website employs cookies. These internet cookies enable us to tailor our website for you by depositing small files on your computer as you explore various segments of

Through the use of cookies, we can display content that aligns with your interests on specific pages or facilitate your access to your account information.

Like many standard website servers, SSBA Innovations Ltd. utilizes log files. These files might contain internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser types, internet service providers (ISPs), referring/exiting pages, platform types, and more.

At SSBA Innovations Ltd., we offer calculators and other tools that do not require registration. Casual visitors to the website are bound by the present Privacy Policy. We may gather non-identifiable data from such tools to collect information, such as the number of people using a particular tool.

We employ cookies and other technologies, like pixel tags and clear gifs, to store certain types of information each time you visit a page on our website. Cookies enable this website to recognize the information you have willingly provided and help us determine the website segments most relevant to your professional needs. We may also use cookies to serve advertising banners. These banners may be served by us or a third party acting on our behalf. Rest assured, these cookies do not contain personal information. To confirm that robots or Artificial Intelligence (AI) are not visiting the website, we may utilize Captcha or pictures.

Whether your web browser should accept cookies is at your discretion. If you haven't adjusted your computer's settings, your browser likely already accepts cookies. Opting to decline cookies may limit your ability to fully access all of the website's features. You can also delete or entirely disable your browser's cookies, although this may significantly impact your website experience, rendering certain sections non-functional or inaccessible.


It is essential to carefully read and understand this privacy policy. It offers insights into the usage of personal information and your rights under the Information Technology Act of 2000, along with all its subsequent amendments.

This website may feature links to other third-party websites. Should you decide to follow a link to any of these third-party websites, please be aware that they maintain their own distinct privacy policies. Consequently, we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for their policies or the handling of your personal information.

Our primary aim is to keep you well-informed about the information we collect and how we employ it to provide you with our services, enhance your financial well-being, manage our operations, and make our services more useful. We remain committed to not selling or sharing your personal information with unauthorized third parties for their own commercial purposes without your explicit consent.

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