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Consult with a Tax Expert: Leverage Insights & Expertise

Are you facing questions
related to taxes?

Not sure how to deal
with notices?

Need guidance for setting up
your business?

Simplify Taxes in 30 Minutes: Book Tax Consultant Online!

Just Rs.1499/-

and select your preferred subject matter for discussion. 

Gain the answers and solutions you need to confidently navigate the intricate world of taxation.

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4.9 Google ratings
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Expert Online tax consultant Services

The complexity of the tax codes, laws, and regulations can be difficult to comprehend. Misunderstanding tax regulations can result in tax compliance violations, unbearable tax burdens, and costly repercussions. An online tax consultant with a lot of knowledge is helpful in this case.


The best part about digital tax advisory is that it provides tax optimization. Now, you won’t have to arrange in-person meetings. In contrast, meet a tax pro virtually and choose a convenient time. This will save you the trouble of filing your taxes without help and the inconvenience of doing so while performing your daily job.

What Tax consultancy Services Taxbuddy Offers?

In the ever-changing market of tax services, online tax consulting has become essential, simplifying elaborate procedures for individuals and businesses. TaxBuddy stands out with a comprehensive range of services, covering: TaxBuddy stands out with a comprehensive range of services, covering:

How to Select an Online Tax Consultant?

Selecting an online tax consultant is critical, and several factors should guide this choice. TaxBuddy ensures clients benefit from

Certification or Qualification

Online tax consultants should have proper certifications and qualifications to have the required expertise and competence. TaxBuddy's consultants are highly qualified with certifications like CPAs, ensuring competence.


Online tax consultants with years of experience can offer seasoned insights and efficiently solve problems. TaxBuddy's team has over 10 years of experience in diverse domains, bringing seasoned expertise.

Goodwill and Reliability

Online tax consultants should be ethical, transparent, and trustworthy. TaxBuddy is known for its reliable and transparent practices.

Pricing and Plans

Online tax consultants should offer pricing transparency and plan flexibility. TaxBuddy provides customized and transparent pricing.

Use of Technology

Online tax consultants leverage technology for a seamless experience. TaxBuddy integrates AI and automation for seamless Online Tax Consultation.

A Women Pointing  to What you can expect in a 30-minute

What Can You Expect in a 30-Minute Conversation with Our Expert?


Understanding and analyzing your query related to the scheduled call topic.

Walking through potential resolutions.

Providing information on how TaxBuddy can assist in taking action on potential resolutions and the necessary details.


Working on possible resolutions during the meeting.

Preparing Income Tax Returns (ITRs).

Handling queries unrelated to the scheduled topics.

How to work smoothly with an Online Tax Consultant?

Working smoothly with an online tax consultant requires collaboration and effective communication. TaxBuddy ensures a smooth experience through:

Timely Exchange of Information or Documents

Online tax consultants should enable the timely exchange of documents and information. TaxBuddy provides a secure portal for efficient document sharing.

Communication, Engagement, and Agreement

For transparency, online tax consultants should consider important communications, engagement, and formal agreements. TaxBuddy believes in constant communication, engagement, and agreements with clients.

TaxBuddy Online Tax Consultation

Sr No


Convenience and Flexibility

'Schedule a call' facility for personalized assistance at your preferred time.


Expert Assistance

A team of seasoned tax professionals with specialized knowledge.


Time Saving

Streamlined workflows and dedicated support for efficient tax consultation.


Cost Saving

Transparent pricing and customizable plans for cost-effective services.


Secure Data Handling

Advanced encryption, secure transmission, and multi-factor authentication for data security.


State-specific Expertise

Consultants well-versed in state-specific tax nuances for accurate advice.


Ongoing Support

Year-round services for continuous tax planning and consultation.

TaxBuddy's online tax consultation services are exceptional in accuracy, security measures, and client-oriented service culture. They are transparent, expert, and supportive in every step of the tax process, so they are a reliable partner in dealing with the complexities of tax issues.

Unlock monetary peace with TaxBuddy's 30-minute session for the simplest Rs.1499! Our expert advisors offer personalized tax steerage to maximize financial savings and ensure compliance. Schedule your consultation these days to navigate the complexities of taxation results easily and benefit self-belief in dealing with your budget. Your course to economic achievement begins with TaxBuddy!

Hear from our clients

Niranjana Sharma

Niranjana Sharma

Local Guide • 2 months ago

Team TaxBuddy came to the rescue in crunch time. They were prompt, courteous and professional. Superlative service a super competitive price. Couldn't be more satisfied. Strongly recommended for every taxpayer in India who wants accurate returns and peace of mind.



Google Reviews

4.7 Google Rating
Rohan Baruah

Rohan Baruah

3 months ago

Positive : Professionalism, Responsiveness. Rajkumar was very responsive and prompt throughout the return filing process. Even though it was taking some time on the govt portal, I knew that the work


Google Reviews

5.0 Google Rating


Subham Saurabh

Subham Saurabh

1 month ago

Tax Buddy was a breeze to work with. It's a straightforward procedure that's easy to follow. All you have to do is fill out the form with the relevant information and submit necessary documents as requested by them.



Google Reviews

4.9 Google Star

Frequently asked questions


How can an online tax consultant help me?


Online tax consultants can assist you with tax preparation, planning, audit defense, notices, tax savings strategies, legal obligations, and more. Their expertise helps optimize your tax situation.


What types of tax services do online tax consultants offer?


Online tax services include individual and business tax return filing, tax planning, audit representation, tax debt resolution, startup/investor planning, expatriate taxes, and other specialized offerings.


Can online tax consultants assist with tax audits?


Yes, they can help you understand audit processes, gather documentation, communicate with tax authorities, and defend your tax positions during an audit.


How do I get started with an online tax consultation?


Getting started is easy - simply visit our website to schedule a session with a tax consultant specializing in your area of need. Consultations take place remotely via call or online video.


Are online tax consultation services suitable for NRIs and those with international tax concerns?


Absolutely. Through convenient virtual consultations, online tax consultants regularly assist NRIs and foreign clients with global tax reporting, planning, and compliance obligations.


How does TaxBuddy ensure the security of my financial and personal information during online consultations?


TaxBuddy’s Online Tax consultations are conducted through secure channels and encrypted platforms, giving you total peace of mind that your confidential data is protected.


Can TaxBuddy's online tax consultants help me with state-specific tax issues?


Our consultants have expertise in state tax regulations, enabling them to give specific tax advice geared at solving your tax problem.


What makes TaxBuddy's consultants qualified to handle complex tax situations?


The company's professionals, who have high-level certifications and vast experience, focus on resolving the most difficult tax problems with utmost precision and professionalism.


How can TaxBuddy assist with tax optimization for my small business?


TaxBuddy provides customized tax planning solutions to small businesses, enabling them to improve their tax strategies to obtain more savings and grow their businesses financially.


Does TaxBuddy offer ongoing tax planning and consultation services throughout the year?


Yes, TaxBuddy is continuously up and running, offering you tax planning and consultation services all year round to help you succeed financially.

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