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TaxBuddy vs Quicko: A Comparative Analysis

Updated: Jul 4

TaxBuddy vs Quicko: A Comparative Analysis

Before selecting an alternative for filing ITR, it is important to evaluate the services and features offered.

TaxBuddy is a digital platform for filing ITR. It offers a wide range of tax-related services. TaxBuddy facilitates ITR filing, GST filing, TDS filing, Tax calculators, Refund tracking, and so on. TaxBuddy is the first in India to automate notice management and tax filing for tax, making it unique in the digital service space. On the other hand, Quicko also provides online ITR filing services.


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Analysis between TaxBuddy vs Quicko

The comparative analysis of TaxBuddy and Quicko is presented in a tabular format as below:

TaxBuddy vs Quicko

We have laid out the data. But in the end, the choice is yours. TaxBuddy or Quicko: Who are you trusting with your taxes? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it safe to share Income Tax credentials with TaxBuddy’s Tax Expert?

Yes. The credentials and confidential information of the user are not accessible by everyone. The credentials of the users are obtained in an encrypted form via bots in the chat box. Only the assigned Tax Expert  will be able to view such information. Hence, user credentials are kept safe.

Q2. Is it safe to share documents and other information with TaxBuddy?

The information and documents submitted by the taxpayers are stored in a secured cloud space which is not accessible to everyone. Moreover, only the concerned Tax Expert handling the ITR filing of a particular taxpayer will be able to access the information and documents of such a taxpayer. Hence, data security is ensured.

Q3. Is it possible to upload documents for ITR filing over the mobile application of TaxBuddy?

Yes. There is no difference between the web application and the mobile application. Whatever a user can do through the website, all the services and options are as it available in the mobile application.

Q4. Do TaxBuddy provide a guaranteed tax refund always?

No. TaxBuddy ensures accuracy in the income tax e- filing  work. The return filing is based on the information provided by the taxpayer. There is no marketing stunt. The Tax Expert ensures compliance with the rules and regulations of the Income Tax. Thus, the tax refund or the tax liability is completely dependent on the information provided by the taxpayer.

Q5. Do TaxBuddy provide support after filing the ITR?

Yes. If at all a taxpayer receives any Notice from the Income Tax Department after filing the ITR, the Tax Expert provides free assistance to get the issue resolved. Thus, even after the ITR filing is done, the users are provided with complete support if there arises any issue.

Q6. Is Tax Planning included in the Tax Filing option?

Yes. When a user chooses to file a tax return, the Tax Expert offers assistance to make them understand how the benefits under the Income Tax can be optimized. This ensures that the taxpayer will not encounter any challenge while filing the ITR.

Q7. Does TaxBuddy provide an ITR filing checklist to the taxpayers?

Yes. The users are shared a complete list of requirements which will be needed for smooth  filing of ITR.. The checklist is based on the sources of income selected by the users. Thus, a curated list of requirements or checklist is shared to the users.

Q8. Is it beneficial to get the ITR filed with only one Tax Expert every time?

Not necessarily. The ITR filing is completely handled by the Tax Expert team having vast experience in the domain. Even if there is a change in the Tax Expert, for instance, a user gets the ITR filed earlier by some other Tax Expert and in another year the Tax Expert has changed, the current Tax Expert will be able to refer to the notes and important points mentioned by the previous Tax Expert. Therefore, the current Tax Expert will be able to know the history of the user thoroughly.

Q9. Does the taxpayer need to review the tax computation prepared by the Tax Expert?

Yes. The tax computation sheet provides a summary of the income of the taxpayer,  along with the tax liability or refund as the case may be. A complete picture is provided to the taxpayer about their taxes and even if there arises any doubt on the same, the Tax Expert resolves them as well. Once the tax computation is approved by the taxpayer, the Tax Expert begins filing the ITR.

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