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TaxBuddy vs ClearTax: Which ITR Filing Platform is Best?

Updated: Jul 1

TaxBuddy vs ClearTax: Which ITR Filing Platform is Best

Selecting the right online platform for your Income Tax Return (ITR) filing can significantly impact how simple, secure, and effective the ITR filing process is. Today, we will compare two leading online tax filing platforms: TaxBuddy and ClearTax, to assist you in determining which ITR filing platform best suits your needs. TaxBuddy is specially designed to serve users at all levels of tax knowledge, making the income return tax filing process free of hassles.

Both are income tax filing platforms, but they differ in terms of features and benefits. The comparative analysis of TaxBuddy vs ClearTax is presented in a tabular format as below:

Taxbuddy  VS Cleartax Comparison

User-Friendly Interface

TaxBuddy offers a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface, thus enhancing the ease of use. TaxBuddy is intended to serve users with different knowledge levels, from beginners to professionals, making income tax filing a simple and hassle-free process. On the other hand, ClearTax's interface is clean. However, new users may find step-by-step guidelines of TaxBuddy more beneficial.

TaxBuddy vs ClearTax: Comprehensive Tax Solutions

TaxBuddy is not just meant for filing ITR. It provides a comprehensive range of tax solutions. TaxBuddy offers advanced tax planning tools and also expert assistance through schedule call facility to help users maximize their savings throughout the year. Moreover, TaxBuddy provides real-time tax-saving suggestions on the basis of information provided by the users. This feature adds a significant value in the tax planning process of the users.

ClearTax provides a variety of services, including ITR filing, GST software, and investment planning.

TaxBuddy vs ClearTax: Affordable Pricing Options for Everyone

TaxBuddy’s services are significantly cost-effective. Moreover, TaxBuddy offers advanced features like professional assistance and more in-depth financial analysis at a competitive price, thus making the services accessible to a wider range of audience. ClearTax offers various services at different price bands starting from basic plans to premium plans. It is worth noting that, whether you choose basic or pro services of TaxBuddy, the price remains the same with no surprises.

TaxBuddy vs ClearTax: Let's delve into their dedicated pricing

Expert Assistance: Round-the-Clock Support

TaxBuddy’s commitment to customer service is seen by its 24/7 expert assistance. Whether you have a question late at night or need urgent help on a weekend, TaxBuddy’s tax experts are always available to help. This round the clock support of TaxBuddy ensures tax assistance is just a call or chat away. This can be of a great advantage for this income tax filing season.

ClearTax also provides professional assistance. However, the availability and responsiveness can vary, which might be a consideration for those who need urgent support.

Security: Safeguarding Your Information

Security plays an important role while dealing with personal financial information. Both TaxBuddy and ClearTax, use strong security measures to protect the user information and financial data. However, with TaxBuddy's use of advanced encryption technologies and regular third-party security audits, users get an enhanced level of confidence about the safety and security of their personal data.

Mobile Accessibility: File on the Go

TaxBuddy’s mobile app is a clear winner for those who prefer to file their income tax returns (ITRs) using their smartphones. TaxBuddy’s mobile application offers: a user-friendly interface, options for filing ITR, check refund status, and receive updates directly on their mobile devices.

ClearTax also has a mobile application. However, TaxBuddy’s mobile app is more user-friendly and feature-rich.

Conclusion: Which ITR Platform Should You Choose?

TaxBuddy and ClearTax both are the leading tax filing platforms. But, if you want a user-friendly, feature-rich, and cost-effective tax solution, TaxBuddy may be a better option. TaxBuddy is an excellent choice for those looking for an easy-to-use online tax filing service with exhaustive features and secure data handling. Begin your tax journey today with TaxBuddy and have a stress-free tax season!


Q1. What is TaxBuddy?

TaxBuddy is an online platform for filing income tax returns. We assist you in filing income taxes effectively, ensuring a maximum refund on your taxes.

Q2. Can we trust TaxBuddy?

TaxBuddy takes the security and confidentiality of its users' data very seriously. We use industry-standard encryption technologies. Also, we comply with all regulatory requirements to ensure that your personal and financial information is secure and protected from unauthorized access.

Q3. How does TaxBuddy work?

TaxBuddy simplifies tax filing by guiding users through a step-by-step process. Create an account, upload finance documents, and let our intuitive software help you prepare and file your taxes accurately. It applies the latest tax laws and deductions for maximum savings automatically.

Q4. Is TaxBuddy genuine?

Yes, TaxBuddy is an authentic tax filing service that thousands of taxpayers rely on across India and overseas. We are registered with appropriate regulatory bodies and operate in full compliance with the Income Tax Department’s guidelines to ensure reliable and accurate tax filing services.

Q5. Is TaxBuddy secure to use?

Yes, TaxBuddy uses strong security features that guarantee the protection of personal and financial information. Our platform uses encryption and secure servers to ensure that all data is safe.

Q6. How to start filing the income tax return (ITR) with TaxBuddy?

Simply log into our website or download the mobile application, upload the required documents, and our software will guide you through the filing process.

Q7. Can I file returns of previous years using TaxBuddy?

Yes. Previous years ITR can also be filed through TaxBuddy. Our platform supports filing for previous assessment years as well.

Q8. I have multiple sources of income. Can TaxBuddy handle this?

Yes, TaxBuddy is designed to handle multiple sources of incomes, be it salaries, freelancing, investments, or rental income. Our platform will help consolidate these sources and calculate your taxes precisely.

Q9. How does TaxBuddy help optimize taxes for multiple sources of income?

TaxBuddy provides personalized tax-saving suggestions based on your different income streams and potential deductions available, ensuring you pay the minimum tax legally possible.

Q10. What if I have income from stocks and mutual funds?

TaxBuddy offers specialized support for capital gains from stocks, mutual funds, and other investments. We provide tools to calculate short-term and long-term capital gains and the applicable taxes.

Q11. Can TaxBuddy help with advance tax calculations?

Yes, TaxBuddy does provide advance tax calculation for the estimation of your tax liability in a year. That will help you to plan your advance tax payments so you may not suffer from any penalty.

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