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EPF Balance Check: PF Balance Check With or Without UAN

Updated: May 2

EPF Balance Check: PF Balance Check With or Without UAN

Have you ever thought about how hard it is to check your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) details? If yes, leave the worries behind and read this article to understand how to check EPF balance online. Even if you lost your Universal Account Number, you can easily find out your PF balance in no time. It is a simple process now. Also, we went through all the possible ways to help you know your EPF balance. You may know how much is your retirement savings and what you could expect. Learn more about the balance through the PF portal, or use your mobile services to get the information faster.


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EPF Balance Check: How to Check your PF Balance?

It is important to check your PF balance to keep yourself updated with the retirement savings. The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) has made it easy for members to check their PF details. The maintenance can be done with or without a UAN (Universal Account Number). Let’s see how you can check your PF balance:

  • Through Missed Call Facility: PF members can only give a missed call to 9966044425 through their registered mobile number that is linked to their UAN.

  • Through SMS Facility: PF members who have their UAN activated and registered can send an SMS to 7738299899.

  • Through Online EPF Portal: PF members have to login at the portal to view their PF statement.

  • Through UMANG Mobile Application: Using the mobile application, members can retrieve their PF balance information.

How to Check EPF Balance with UAN: Check PF Balance with UAN

Ensure that you have an activated UAN, as it helps to maintain an active EPF account seamlessly throughout your career, regardless of the number of employers you work with.

PF Balance Check Using EPF Portal

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to efficiently check your PF balance using your UAN through the EPF portal:

  1. Visit the EPF website: Go to the official website of the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation by typing on the browser.

  2. Access the "For Employees" section: Go to the "Our Services" and click on the "For Employees" sub-menu on the EPF homepage.

Access the "For Employees" section

3. Navigate to Member Passbook: In the "For Employees" section, you will find the "Members Passbook" under listed services. Click on it, and you will be redirected to the EPF passbook portal.

 In the "For Employees" section, you will find the "Members Passbook" under listed services

4. Login with Your UAN: You will be prompted with a login screen asking for the UAN, password, and captcha code. Enter your UAN, password given during activation time, and the captcha code. Remember, your UAN should have been activated by your employer.

login screen asking for the UAN, password

5. View Your PF Passbook: Once you log in, select the member ID of the company for which you want to view the PF passbook. The PF passbook with all your contributions you and your employer have made and the interest it is accruing will be shown.

select the member ID of the company for which you want to view the PF passbook

6. Download or Print the Passbook: You can see the passbook online, download it for your records, or print it directly from the website.

PF Balance Check Using the UMANG/EPF App

Checking your Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) balance has become easier with the UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) app. By using the UMANG app, employees can directly verify their provident fund details on their mobile phones. Follow the steps outlined below to use the UMANG app to check your EPF account balance and history:

Steps to Check PF Balance Using UMANG:

  1. Download the UMANG App: To start, go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smartphone. Search for “UMANG” and install the app created by MeitY, Government of India.

  2. Open the App and Register: After installing the UMANG app, open it. If you are using the software for the first time, you must go through a one-time registration procedure. Use the mobile number linked to your UAN to validate your OTP.

  3. Visit EPF Services: Once you’re logged in, utilize the search bar or scroll through your screen to find “EPF”. The listed service falls under the ‘All Services’ category, while the other can be found under the “Social Security & Pension Providers” group.

  4. Choose and Continue EPF Services: Different services concerning your EPF account, such as ‘View Passbook,’ ‘Raise Claim,’ and ‘Track Claim’ options are seen in the EPF category.

  5. View Your EPF Passbook: Click on ‘View Passbook’. Enter your UAN and use the OTP sent to your phone number to verify your access.

  6. Check Your EPF Balance and Transactions: After this, you will notice your EPF account, which reveals your balance and transaction history, including regular donations and interest. The same process will also allow you to apply for and examine an EPF withdrawal.

How to Check EPF Balance without UAN: Check PF Balance without UAN

Checking your PF balance without directly logging into the UAN portal can be done by using alternative methods such as SMS once your UAN is active and linked with your KYC details.

PF Balance Check by Sending SMS

Here's how you can check your PF balance by sending an SMS:

  1. Ensure KYC and UAN Integration: Before you can use the SMS service, make sure that your UAN is active and has been integrated with your KYC details, including your bank account, Aadhaar number, and PAN. This is crucial as it allows the EPF to link your personal details with your PF account for secure access.

  2. Send an SMS: Compose an SMS in the format EPFOHO UAN <LAN>, where <LAN> is the first three characters of your preferred language. Send this message to 7738299899 from your registered mobile number linked to your UAN.

  3. Choose Your Preferred Language: The EPF provides support in multiple languages for the convenience of its users. You can receive updates in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, or Bengali. For example, if you want updates in English, your SMS format will be EPFOHO UAN ENG. For Marathi, it would be EPFOHO UAN MAR.

  4. Receive Your PF Balance: After sending the SMS, you will receive a message containing your latest PF balance and details of the last contributions directly to your mobile phone.

Supported Languages and Codes:

  • English (ENG)

  • Hindi (HIN)

  • Punjabi (PUN)

  • Gujarati (GUJ)

  • Marathi (MAR)

  • Kannada (KAN)

  • Telugu (TEL)

  • Tamil (TAM)

  • Malayalam (MAL)

  • Bengali (BEN)

This SMS service is a convenient way to stay updated on your PF balance and ensures you can keep track of your savings even on the go, without needing to access the internet or an EPF portal. Remember that your UAN must be activated and linked with your complete KYC details to make use of this service effectively.

PF Balance Check Through Missed Call

Here’s how you can check your EPF balance through a missed call:

  1. Activate Your UAN: First, make sure that your UAN is activated. If not, you need to perform this step by contacting your employer or directly through the EPF portal.

  2. KYC Integration with UAN: Ensure that your UAN is integrated with your KYC documents such as PAN, Aadhaar, and bank account. This integration is crucial for your identity verification by the EPF and to access your PF details securely.

  3. Register Your Mobile Number: Your mobile number must be registered with the EPF and linked to your UAN. It's necessary for your number to be registered as the missed call functionality operates only from a registered number.

  4. Give a Missed Call: After completing the above steps, simply give a missed call to 9966044425 from your registered mobile number. The call will disconnect automatically after 1-2 rings, confirming your request submission.

  5. Receive PF Details via SMS: Immediately after your missed call, you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number. This SMS will provide the details of your PF balance as per the latest record with the EPF.

Benefits of Checking PF Balance through a Missed Call:

  • No Cost: This service is free, allowing you to receive your PF balance details without any charge.

  • Easy and Quick: This method is possibly the easiest and most accessible, not requiring an internet connection or much effort.

  • Instant Information: It also offers one of the fastest ways to know your PF balance within seconds.

This method of checking the EPF balance is designed for simplicity and accessibility, ensuring that every worker can easily check his retirement savings.

How to Check EPF Balance without Registered Mobile Number

If you need to check your PF (Provident Fund) balance but don't have access to your registered mobile number, you can still access your PF details online using your UAN (Universal Account Number) and password via the EPF online passbook service.

Steps to Check PF Balance Without Registered Mobile Number:

  1. Visit the EPF Passbook Portal: Open your web browser and navigate to the EPF Passbook Portal at This portal provides access to EPF passbooks.

  2. Login with UAN and Password: On the homepage, enter your UAN and password. Make sure your UAN has been activated by your employer. If you've forgotten your password, click on the "forgot password" link and follow the procedures to reset it.

  3. Access Your PF Account: Once logged in, a screen will display all member IDs associated with your UAN, each corresponding to a different PF account under different employers. Click on the member ID for which you want to check the balance.

  4. Review Your PF Details: After selecting the member ID, your PF passbook will be displayed. This digital passbook includes all transactions, monthly contributions, and interest accrued up until the last recorded month. You can review all entries to check your total PF balance and other details.

  5. Download or Print the Passbook (Optional): If you wish to keep a physical copy or save a digital copy of your passbook, you have the option to download or print the passbook directly from the website.

PF Balance Check: Points to Remember

When checking your EPF balance through the EPF portal, there are specific considerations and limitations to keep in mind to ensure a smooth experience:

  • UAN Activation: Your Universal Account Number (UAN) must be activated and registered on the EPF portal to access your PF details. If your UAN is not activated, you can activate it on the portal using your PF number/member ID, or you can ask your employer to assist with the activation.

  • Registration and Access Delay: Once you register on the EPF portal, there is typically a 6 hour waiting period before the facility to view your passbook becomes available. This delay is important as it allows the system to refresh and update your records.

  • Content of the Passbook: The passbook on the EPF portal contains all the latest entries that have been reconciled by the respective EPF Field Offices. It includes detailed records of your monthly contributions from both employer and employee shares, along with any accrued interest.

  • Limitations for Exempted Members: Members who belong to exempted establishments—those where the employer maintains their private PF trusts and does not contribute to the EPF—cannot check their EPF balance through the EPF portal. These members should contact their employer or the trust managing their provident fund for account details.

  • Updating of Information: The information in the EPF passbook is not updated in real-time. It is periodically updated by the EPF, so the most recent contributions might not show up immediately. Regular checks will help you stay informed about the latest updates to your account.

E-Nomination for PF Account: Is e-Nomination Process for PF Account Mandatory?

The e-Nomination for your Provident Fund (PF) account is an important step to ensure that your savings are rightfully transferred to your nominees in case of your unforeseen demise. Although not mandatory per the Employees' Provident Fund (EPF) guidelines, it is highly advisable as it secures the financial future of your loved ones and simplifies the claim process. 

How to Apply for E-Nomination for your PF Account?

Here's how to submit an e-Nomination through the EPF:

  1. Access the Portal: Go to the UAN Member e-Sewa portal at Enter your UAN number and password, then type the captcha code shown on the screen. Click on the 'Sign In' button to log in to your account.

  2. Initiate e-Nomination: Once logged in, click on 'Manage' and select 'E-nomination' from the dropdown menu.

  3. Update Family Declaration: Click on 'Yes' to update the family declaration to add your family members as nominees.

  4. Add Family Members’ Details: Click on 'Add Family Details' and enter the details of your nominee(s). You can add more than one nominee if desired.

  5. Declare Nomination Share: After adding your nominees, click on 'Nomination Details' to specify the share percentage each nominee will receive. Ensure that the total share percentage equals 100%.

  6. Save the Nomination: Once all details are correctly filled in and the shares are allocated, click on 'Save EPF Nomination'.

  7. E-Sign to Complete: Click on 'E-sign' to authenticate the nomination using an OTP sent to the mobile number linked to your Aadhaar. Enter the OTP received to verify and finalize the e-Nomination.

  8. Confirmation: Upon successful submission and verification, you will receive a confirmation, and your e-Nomination process is complete.


Q1. How to link an old inoperative PF account to an existing current UAN?

To link an old inoperative PF account to your current UAN, log into the UAN member portal, navigate to 'Online Services', and select 'One Member One EPF Account (Transfer Request)'. Follow the prompts to submit your transfer request, which typically completes within 20 days.

Q2. How to check the EPF balance if the employer is an exempted establishment or has a private trust?

If the employer is an exempted establishment or has a private trust, consult the HR department or check salary slips to view EPF balance. As these contributions are managed internally and not by the EPF.

Q3. How to check the EPF balance of an inoperative account?

Yes, you can check the balance of an inoperative EPF account as long as you are below 58 years of age and the account still accrues interest. Access your balance through the EPF portal using your UAN.

Q4. Can an Aadhaar number be used to check my EPF balance?

No, you cannot use your Aadhaar number to check your EPF balance. Checking your EPF balance requires your UAN.

Q5. How to check the EPF balance of previous employment?

All EPF accounts linked to your UAN can be viewed once you log into the EPF portal. Select the member ID associated with your previous employment to check the balance.

Q6. When is the EPF balance updated in the passbook?

The EPF balance is updated in the passbook within 24 hours of the contribution being made. If the balance is not updated within 2 days, it is advisable to contact the HR department or the EPF helpdesk for assistance.

Q7. What is the interest rate on EPF in 2024?

The EPF interest rates are reviewed annually. For the financial year 2024, the rate has been set at 8.25%. Once the EPF announces the interest rate for a financial year and the year ends, the interest is calculated based on the monthly closing balances throughout the year.

Q8. Can I get a loan against my EPF balance?

The EPF scheme contributions are primarily intended to support post-retirement needs. However, you don't have to wait until retirement to benefit from these funds. Advances from your EPF account are permissible under certain circumstances, such as purchasing your first home, funding children’s education, or repaying a home loan. These advances are not subject to repayment, unlike regular loans.

Q9. Am I required to link my Aadhaar and PAN to my EPF portal? 

Yes, if you wish to utilize the online services offered by the EPF portal, you must link your Universal Account Number (UAN) to both your Aadhaar card and PAN card.

Q10. What are the tax exemptions allowed on EPF?

Withdrawals, contributions, and interest earned on EPF are tax-free. Contributions of up to INR 1,50,000 can be deducted under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

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