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Income Tax Guide: Household Property Tax, Tax Deductions, Income Types, and Tax Return

Learn how to calculate and optimise income from house property for tax benefits. Explore tax rules, deductions, and strategies in our detailed guide. Start saving today

What is Form 16, a certificate issued by employers. How to Download Form 16 Steps to download Form 16 from Traces to ensure a flawless income tax return filing.

Public Provident Fund (PPF) features, eligibility criteria, opening a PPF account, Lock-in period, Interest Rate 2023-24, comparison with mutual funds and fixed deposits.

Explore our comprehensive compliance portal guide for High-Value Transactions & Income Tax. Navigate complexities with expert insights, ensuring seamless financial compliance and strategic planning.

Explore Section 80GG for potential rent deductions. A comprehensive guide to leverage tax benefits on your rental expenses under the Income Tax Act.

Explore essential details about Form 26AS - its impact on tax filing and financial visibility. Stay informed for a smoother tax experience.

Udyog Aadhar Registration process, essential documents, benefits it offers to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in India. Learn about credit access, government subsidies.

Meta Description: Securities Transaction Tax (STT) applicable securities, STT payers, and how the tax is calculated. Understand the attributes of STT and its transparency in financial transactions.

Explore the nuances of Section 12A of the Income Tax Act. Our guide provides insights into provisions, exemptions, and compliance for nonprofits.

Stay informed about corporate tax with our comprehensive guide. Get key insights and updates on tax regulations for businesses in the current landscape.

Have you taken a home loan for a new home? Read this article to understand the tax benefits under Section 80EEA for interest paid on home loans obtained for certain properties.

Want to understand TDS in detail? Read this article to examine the crucial functions, workings, and effects of tax deducted at source.

Understand Form 10AB requirements, ensure Income Tax Act compliance. A comprehensive overview to streamline your tax reporting effortlessly.

PAN is a unique alphanumeric number, its eligibility, application procedures, features, and significance in various activities. Discover why linking PAN Card is crucial.

HUF is a unique entity that allows family members to combine their income and assets for taxation purposes. This arrangement has its roots in Hindu law and the ITA.

Understand what is Rental Agreements, types of agreements, and legalities involved. From security deposits to tenure, Download the Rent agreement format & comprehensive guide.

Explore Section 80RRB deductions: Eligibility, benefits, and how to claim. A comprehensive guide to optimize your tax savings. Learn more now!

Learn how to fill Form 15G correctly for withdrawing your PF. Read this article to learn what and where to fill in Form 15G and make an error-free application for PF withdrawal.

How to download and fill and Form 15H? The article explains about the intricacies of Form 15H and how it can help you to save TDS on the interest income.

Understand TDS on property purchase using Form 26QB. Our step-by-step guide ensures a smooth process, helping you navigate tax compliance effortlessly.

This guide will explain what is a New Fund Offer (NFO)? The pros and cons of NFO, and other related aspects. An exhaustive list of questions are also answered at the end.

Want to take NPS tax benefits? Confused about the same? Read this article to understand the NPS tax benefit and how you can save taxes through NPS.

With Taxbuddy, we will learn how to save taxes as per the deductions provided under Sections 80C to 80U and how you can maximise your tax benefits today.

This article covers the process of changing personal particulars, such as your name, mobile number, and address, in your PAN card.

This is a complete guide on the No Objection Certificate (NOC): its significance, its eligibility, and the process to obtain it online.

This guide discusses all aspects of the ESI rates: how to register under ESI, ESI return filing, and other relevant aspects.

How to apply for a Voter ID card online? What are the documents and eligibility requirements for the same? Learn more about Voter ID Cards in this article.

How to file the TDS Return when payments are made to NRIs after deducting tax. This article discusses Form 27Q in depth, covering every aspect of the form.

What are tax benefits to authors on royalty income? Section 80QQB provides benefits on authoring certain books. Read the article to understand Section 80QQB.

What is Form 16C? Who issues Form 16C? Understand the requirements and implications of TDS certificate for rent paid by individuals or HUFs through this article.

What are the perquisites received by you? Refer Form 12BA. Read this article to understand Form 12BA, its meaning, format, importance, and other factors.

How to File SFT? Who Should File SFT? What is the due date for filing SFT? Read this article to know about SFT in detail and other aspects related to the same.

Are Stipends liable for Income Tax? Do interns have to file ITR? This article explains the Stipend earned by the interns and tax implications on the same.

What is NIL ITR? Who should file NIL ITR? What are the benefits of filing NIL ITR? Read this article to understand all about NIL Return, and other provisions.

Earning interest income from a savings bank account and want to save taxes on it? Learn about Section 80TTA in this article and reduce your tax liabilities.

Read about the tax benefits under Section 80LA in respect of incomes from offshore banking units in this article. Save taxes on your income from offshore banks.

Creating job opportunities in India yields Income Tax benefits. This article explains about Section 80JJAA and how you claim deduction under the said section.

How is the report on international transactions presented? From whom it should be obtained? This article contains an in-depth overview of Section 92E.

How to be safe from the tax net while accepting certain types of loans or deposits? Read this guide to understand Section 269SS of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

How to be safe from the tax net while accepting certain types of loans or deposits? Read this guide to understand Section 269SS of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

What are the other deductions allowed from PGBP? This article explains Section 36 of the Income Tax Act, to help you determine your PGBP income accurately.

What are cash credits? What is the tax treatment of unexplained cash credits under the Income Tax Act? Read this article to understand Section 68 of the Income Tax Act.

What is a deemed dividend? Are deemed dividends taxable? This article explains how deemed dividends are taxed as per Section 2(22)(e) of the Income Tax Act.

Want to conduct financial transactions without a PAN? You can do so by submitting Form 60. Read this article to understand Form 60 in a detailed manner.

Dive into the details of Section 50C to decode the impact of stamp duty on property sales. Stay informed for a seamless and compliant real estate transaction experience.

Dive into the details of Section 40A(3) in Income Tax to grasp the significance of inadmissible expenses. Enhance your understanding of tax regulations for improved financial compliance.

Dive into the details of Section 40A(3) in Income Tax to grasp the significance of inadmissible expenses. Enhance your understanding of tax regulations for improved financial compliance.

What is a slump sale? How is it brought to the tax net of the Income Tax? Read this article to understand the computation of capital gains under Section 50B.

Learn about the Form ITR-4S Sugam, its eligibility, benefits, filing process, and what is the difference between ITR-4 through this article.

Understand 44AB Tax Audit Requirements through this guide, its meaning, applicability, types of tax audits, tax audit forms, and tax audit reports in detail.

Discover insights into the Income Tax Act 1961, covering key provisions, tax rates, deductions, and compliance requirements.

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