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Maximize returns with TaxBuddy Unlock an extra 5,000 through strategic planning just like Raj's tax triumph

About the Case:

Raj, a salaried individual, grappled with significant tax implications, especially after the sale of a property. The complexities of tax liabilities and TDS deductions from both salary and property transactions created a financial puzzle. TaxBuddy's intervention not only unraveled these complexities but also transformed Raj's financial approach, resulting in a substantial additional refund. Explore the transformative journey of Raj as TaxBuddy optimized returns and provided expert guidance, bringing clarity and financial success.

Revolutionizing Financial Strategy for a Kolkata-based Software Engineer

In the midst of tax season uncertainties, Raj, a Software Engineer in Kolkata, turned to TaxBuddy for professional guidance. 

The outcome? A remarkable ₹50,000 additional refund achieved through strategic planning and expert advice.

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Issues faced By


Capital Gain Tax Implications: Understanding the Tax Puzzle

  • Raj's financial puzzle began with the sale of a property worth Rs. 50 Lakhs, raising capital to the tune of Rs. 6 Lakhs. Little did he anticipate the web of tax liabilities entangled within this seemingly straightforward transaction. The challenge was to decode the implications of capital gains tax, a term that sounded intimidating but held the key to Raj's financial clarity.

Exploring the Layers of Complexity:

  • Nature of Property Sale: Determining how the property sale could impact Raj's tax liabilities.

  • Calculating Capital Gains: Understanding how to calculate the capital gains and what it meant for tax obligations.

  • Exemptions and Deductions: Navigating through potential exemptions or deductions that could ease the tax burden.

TDS Concerns: Untangling the Withholding Tax Knots

  • As if the capital gains tax puzzle wasn’t enough, Raj found himself in a maze of TDS concerns. A significant chunk was deducted from his salary (Rs. 50,544), and there was another deduction (Rs. 50,000) linked to the property sale. This double dose of confusion cast shadows over the possibility of refunds, leaving Raj in a state of uncertainty.

Breaking Down the TDS Maze:

  • Components of TDS Deductions: Understanding what portions of Raj's income were subject to TDS deductions.

  • TDS Rates and Impact: Grasping the rates at which TDS was applied and how it influenced potential refunds.

  • Implications on Overall Tax Liability: Assessing how TDS deductions played into the bigger picture of Raj's tax obligations.

Lack of Clarity on Investment Avenues: Choosing the Right Financial Path

  • Post-property sale, Raj faced the challenge of reinvesting his capital gains wisely to avail tax exemptions. However, the abundance of investment options left him in a state of ambiguity. The lack of clarity on these avenues posed a substantial challenge, requiring a straightforward understanding of each option.

Navigating Investment Choices:

  • Understanding Investment Options: Breaking down the various avenues available to Raj for reinvesting capital gains.

  • Tax Implications of Each Option: Grasping how each investment choice could impact Raj's tax planning.

  • Crafting a Strategic Plan: Formulating a clear plan for reinvesting capital gains to optimize tax benefits.

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