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Maximize returns with TaxBuddy Unlock an extra 5,000 through strategic planning just like Raj's tax triumph

About the Case:

Raj, a salaried individual, grappled with significant tax implications, especially after the sale of a property. The complexities of tax liabilities and TDS deductions from both salary and property transactions created a financial puzzle. TaxBuddy's intervention not only unraveled these complexities but also transformed Raj's financial approach, resulting in a substantial additional refund. Explore the transformative journey of Raj as TaxBuddy optimized returns and provided expert guidance, bringing clarity and financial success.

Revolutionizing Financial Strategy for a Kolkata-based Software Engineer

In the midst of tax season uncertainties, Raj, a Software Engineer in Kolkata, turned to TaxBuddy for professional guidance. 

The outcome? A remarkable ₹50,000 additional refund achieved through strategic planning and expert advice.

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Issues faced By


Capital Gain Tax Implications: Understanding the Tax Puzzle

  • Raj's financial puzzle began with the sale of a property worth Rs. 50 Lakhs, raising capital to the tune of Rs. 6 Lakhs. Little did he anticipate the web of tax liabilities entangled within this seemingly straightforward transaction. The challenge was to decode the implications of capital gains tax, a term that sounded intimidating but held the key to Raj's financial clarity.

Exploring the Layers of Complexity:

  • Nature of Property Sale: Determining how the property sale could impact Raj's tax liabilities.

  • Calculating Capital Gains: Understanding how to calculate the capital gains and what it meant for tax obligations.

  • Exemptions and Deductions: Navigating through potential exemptions or deductions that could ease the tax burden.

TDS Concerns: Untangling the Withholding Tax Knots

  • As if the capital gains tax puzzle wasn’t enough, Raj found himself in a maze of TDS concerns. A significant chunk was deducted from his salary (Rs. 50,544), and there was another deduction (Rs. 50,000) linked to the property sale. This double dose of confusion cast shadows over the possibility of refunds, leaving Raj in a state of uncertainty.

Breaking Down the TDS Maze:

  • Components of TDS Deductions: Understanding what portions of Raj's income were subject to TDS deductions.

  • TDS Rates and Impact: Grasping the rates at which TDS was applied and how it influenced potential refunds.

  • Implications on Overall Tax Liability: Assessing how TDS deductions played into the bigger picture of Raj's tax obligations.

Lack of Clarity on Investment Avenues: Choosing the Right Financial Path

  • Post-property sale, Raj faced the challenge of reinvesting his capital gains wisely to avail tax exemptions. However, the abundance of investment options left him in a state of ambiguity. The lack of clarity on these avenues posed a substantial challenge, requiring a straightforward understanding of each option.

Navigating Investment Choices:

  • Understanding Investment Options: Breaking down the various avenues available to Raj for reinvesting capital gains.

  • Tax Implications of Each Option: Grasping how each investment choice could impact Raj's tax planning.

  • Crafting a Strategic Plan: Formulating a clear plan for reinvesting capital gains to optimize tax benefits.

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How TaxBuddy Helped

Streamlining Complexity for Financial Clarity

Understanding Section 112 & Capital Gain Account Scheme (CGAS):

In response to Raj's capital gain tax challenges, TaxBuddy provided targeted solutions:

  • Leveraging Section 112 Benefits: TaxBuddy advised Raj to tap into Section 112, capitalizing on indexation to adjust asset costs against inflation. This strategic move effectively reduced his overall tax liabilities, utilizing a flat rate of 20.8%, inclusive of a 20% tax rate and a 4% cess for health and education.

  • Introducing CGAS under Sections 54 to 54GB: To address the lack of clarity on investment avenues, TaxBuddy introduced Raj to the Capital Gain Account Scheme (CGAS) under Sections 54 to 54GB. This allowed Raj to reinvest his capital gains in specified assets within a stipulated time, securing valuable tax relief.

Unlocking the Capital Gains Account Scheme (CGAS) and it’s purpose:

The Capital Gains Account Scheme (CGAS) is like a financial superhero introduced by the Indian government to help people who sell property or other valuable things. Its main job is to make taxes easier for you by letting you delay paying them and use the money for other good things.

Key Features of CGAS:

  • Reinvestment Benefits:

    • You can use CGAS under sections 54 to 54GB of the Income Tax Act to take the money you earned from selling something and invest it again in certain things. This superhero move helps you avoid paying immediate taxes.

  • Role in Tax Planning:

    • CGAS lets you put your money in a special account, so you don't have to pay taxes on it right away. You only pay when you use that money for something else. It's like having a tax timeout until you're ready.

  • Types of Accounts:

    • Type A (Savings Deposit): Think of this like a regular savings account. You can get some extra money added to it now and then, and you can take out your money whenever you want.

    • Type B (Term Deposit): This is a bit like putting your money in a safe box for a certain time. You get extra money added to it, and you can use it after a set time, like when you want to buy a new house.

Understanding CGAS doesn't have to be hard. It's like having a friend that helps you with taxes, giving you time to plan and use your money wisely.

Utilization of CGAS in Raj's Case:

TaxBuddy didn't just stop at explanations; they guided Raj to make a smart move:

  • Strategic Account Choice: TaxBuddy suggested that Raj open a Type B CGAS account. It's like choosing the right tool for the job. Since Raj planned to invest in another property within 1-2 years, this move helped him put all his gain money into this account, delaying taxes and preparing for his next property move. It's like hitting pause on taxes and gearing up for future gains.

  • Effective Tax Planning: By recommending the Type B CGAS account, TaxBuddy ensured Raj's tax liabilities took a back seat, creating a win-win scenario of tax savings and future property acquisition preparation.

Smart Tax Saving Ideas and Planning:

  • Introduction to CGAS Concept: TaxBuddy didn't just talk about CGAS; they introduced the idea to Raj, showcasing it as a smart move to reduce taxes and get the most benefits.

  • Type B CGAS Account Recommendation: Knowing Raj's plan to buy another property soon, TaxBuddy suggested opening a Type B CGAS account. This wasn't just a recommendation; it was a strategic move to ensure Raj's tax savings covered the entire gain amount.

Optimizing TDS Refund:

  • Claiming Full TDS Amount: TaxBuddy went above and beyond by assisting Raj in claiming the full TDS amount on the property. This unexpected move resulted in a substantial refund, adding an extra layer of financial gain.

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The Conclusion: 


Tax saving Journey

In implementing TaxBuddy's strategic recommendations, Raj's financial landscape saw transformative results:

  • Type B CGAS Account Choice: Raj's decision to opt for a Type B CGAS account was a strategic move, securing substantial tax savings on the entire capital gain amount. This not only prepared him for future property purchases but also acted as a savvy tax-saving maneuver.

  • Full TDS Refund Claim: By claiming the full TDS refund, Raj experienced a significant boost in his financial gains. This move not only eliminated his capital gain tax liability but also added an unexpected financial benefit.

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