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TDS TRACES: Accessing TDS Login Through TRACES

TDS TRACES Login_ Access TDS Login Through TRACES
TDS TRACES Login_ Access TDS Login Through TRACES

TRACES Terves is the official platform for the TDS Reconciliation and Correction Enabling System, a web-based application introduced by the Income Tax Department. This online interface facilitates a seamless connection with TDS, making TDS reconciliation an imperative step in income tax filing.


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The TRACES application enables both TDS payers and deductors to reconcile various TDS payments online. This efficient online filing and reconciliation mechanism not only saves time for stakeholders but also diminishes errors through automated validation during income tax filing. Furthermore, it expedites the refund process, proving advantageous for taxpayers.

Let's learn how to log in and access the TRACES portal to access the features. 

TRACES Portal Features

The TRACES portal is connected and integrated with different types of Income Tax websites to facilitate reconciliation and correction of TDS forms. The components that interact with TRACES are:

  • Tax Information Network (TIN)

  • TDS Defaults processing

  • Automated TDS Challan Matching

  • Income Tax web portal

  • IVR/Call Centre

TRACES is an integrated portal that allows proceedings related to different types of TDS forms, such as 

  • Form 16B

  • Form 16A

  • Form 26AS

When you log in as a taxpayer, you can view and download these tax documents, which are crucial for filing tax returns. Deductors who are responsible for verifying and validating taxpayer details also utilise features of the TRACES website to complete their process. 

A variety of tasks detailed below can be carried out on the TRACES website:

  • Viewing and downloading of form 26AS

  • Filing for TDS/TCS statement corrections

  • Viewing of challan status

  • Checking the status of multiple tax statements

  • Submitting refund request

  • Downloading consolidated (conso) file, justification report

  • Downloading Form 16 and Form 16A (allowed only for deductors)

  • Correcting previously filed TDS returns

  • Correcting OLTAS challan

Features of TRACES

The TRACES portal provides instant and immediate access to TDS information for taxpayers and deductors. Some of the salient features of the TRACES portal are:

  • Dashboard containing a summary of user accounts

  • TAN online registration 

  • TDS online filing

  • TDS statement online correction 

  • Form 26AS viewing

  • Form 16/16A downloading

  • Consolidated TDS file downloading

  • Form 26QB correction

  • TDS refund processing

  • Grievance – registration and resolution 

While it has many features, not all are accessible to taxpayers. For taxpayers, the usage is restricted, allowing them to view, download and reconcile TDS forms. Taxpayers can benefit from the following features of the TRACES portal:

  • Viewing of tax credit Form 26AS

  • Downloading Forms 26AS and Form 16B

  • Managing user profile

  • Verifying TDS certificate

  • Downloading Aggregated TDS Compliances Report

Deductions can log in as Admin or Sub users based on their privilege and access control. Admin users must register with TAN registration. You must surrender TAN to the assessing officer to becom