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Stay Compliant with 10E Form: A Step-by-Step Guide

This form is to be mandatorily submitted by those salaried taxpayers and recipients of a family pension who are in receipt of arrears of salary or family pension which was otherwise taxable in earlier years but since it was determined and received in later years and hence became taxable in the later year/s. This form is to be submitted on the website for submitting this form, we advise you to keep the details of arrears received and salary income ready with you. The stepwise guide is as below.

Step-1: Log in to the website –

The user ID is your PAN and the password is as set by you.

Step-2: After you are logged in you will see different tabs with drop-down arrow signs in blue color. Click on ‘e-File’ and then ‘Income Tax Forms’ as shown below.

Step-3: After you select Income tax forms, the following selection screen will appear where you have to select different parameters from the drop-down. Please select, Form 10E, your relevant assessment year for which I-T Return is to be filed.

And then always choose: ‘prepare and submit online’ option in the last tab.

Step-4: Fill in the information in the forms on blue tabs as below

Step 5: Once the information is correctly filled, please preview before you submit. After you are sure that everything is filled in correctly, then submit.

Submitting Form 10 E on time can help you avoid any legal issues or penalties. By following these simple steps, you can easily submit Form 10E and ensure compliance with the Income Tax regulations.

In case you face any difficulties during the submission process or have any further queries related to Form 10 E, you can seek assistance from our tax consultant instantly!

Submitting Form 10 E is a crucial step for taxpayers and pension recipients who have received arrears of salary or family pension. It can help you maximize your tax benefits and reduce your tax liabilities. Therefore, we highly recommend that you submit the form within the stipulated time frame to avoid any hassles in the future.

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