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What does ETF mean?

  1. An ETF or exchange traded fund invests in specific shares or securities or stocks by tracking a certain index.

  2. ETFs can be bought or sold through the stock exchange.

What is ‘Bharat Bond ETF’ ?

  1. India’s first corporate bond Exchange Traded Fund. (ETF)

  2. Listed on NSE & BSE, enabling buy & sale of its units.

  3. Investment only in bonds issued by a select set of central government PSUs.

How many investment options BHARAT BOND ETF offers?

  1. Tenure of 3 years Maturity i. e. April 2023. Expected returns 6.69% per annum.

  2. Tenure of 10 years maturity i. e. April 2030. Expected returns 7.58% per annum.

What is cost of BHARAT BOND ETF?

It’s 0.0005% but inclusive of other costs it goes slightly beyond that.

How’s taxation impact on BHARAT BOND ETF?

After holding for three years, long term capital gain tax of 20% with indexation benefit against slab tax rate for FDs.

What are the advantages of investing in BHARAT BOND ETF?

  1. High credit quality.

  2. Low expense ratio.

  3. Tax efficiency.

  4. Can be purchased with a small amount of Rs.1000 up to a maximum investment amount of Rs 2 lakh.

  5. Transparency with daily portfolio disclosures on an independent website against monthly by regular debt funds.

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