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The actions to take if your ITR gets delayed

Updated: Feb 1

The actions to take if your ITR gets delayed
The actions to take if your ITR gets delayed

Are you left wondering about the status of your income tax refund? Why let uncertainty cloud your mind? Let me bring you the answers you seek and help clear up any confusion about the status of your ITR.

ITR refunds allow you to get back any excess taxes you may have paid. An income tax refund equals the difference between the total tax paid for a given year and the total tax liability for that year.


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Experiencing a delay in receiving your income tax refund can be disconcerting, and understanding the potential reasons behind the delay is crucial. Common scenarios could contribute to a delayed tax refund and the corresponding actions to address each situation.

Ensure all the details provided during the tax filing process are accurate and complete. Any discrepancies, such as mismatched names or incorrect bank information, can lead to delays. Review your tax return thoroughly and make necessary corrections through the appropriate channels.

Refund request rejection

If your refund request is rejected by the Income Tax (IT) department, it might be due to a computed tax liability. The department may issue a notice specifying the amount owed in such cases. To rectify this, file a rectification return under Section 139 (4) to explain. If the discrepancy is due to inaccuracies in your initial tax return, promptly settle the outstanding demand within the stipulated timeframe.

  • Incorrect bank account number

Entering an incorrect bank account number during the tax filing process can lead to refund complications. It's crucial to verify and rectify any inaccuracies in the bank account details provided.

  • Bank account not pre-validated

Refunds are exclusively credited to pre-validated bank accounts. Ensure your bank account is pre-validated on the income tax e-filing portal to facilitate the refund process.

  • A mismatched name in bank account

The name on your bank account must precisely match the name on your tax return. Any disparity can result in the refund being returned to the Income Tax Department (ITD). Review and align the names to prevent such issues.

  • Changed bank account details

If your refund couldn't be credited due to changed bank account details, navigate to the income tax portal to file a grievance. In certain instances, the IT department may guide you to submit a refund reissue request. Alternatively, they may request updated bank details, along with other necessary information, to be sent via email to

In navigating these situations, timely and accurate responses are pivotal. Stay vigilant about the details provided during the tax filing process. Promptly addressing any issues that arise can significantly contribute to expediting the refund process. It's recommended to regularly check the status of your tax refund on the income tax portal and take the steps outlined above to resolve any delays effectively.

What does the term 'Income Tax Refund' mean?

When you do your taxes, you tell the government how much you earned and spent. If you gave them more money than you had to, they would refund the extra money as a refund. Just finish filing your taxes online to get it. 

Once the Income Tax Department processes your tax return and confirms the extra payment, it initiates a refund. Once your pre-validated bank account, as registered on the income tax e-filing portal, is confirmed, the funds are transferred to it. This streamlined procedure guarantees the prompt return of any excess taxes you may have paid. Monitor your tax return status diligently and ensure the accuracy of all e-filing details for a seamless and timely refund process.

Resolving Delayed Income Tax Refunds

If your tax refund is taking longer, check for any issues with your refund request. If rejected, file a rectification return and pay outstanding tax. Verify that your bank details are accurate and have been pre-verified. Ensure that the name on your bank account matches the information on your tax return. If you need to update your address, you can do so by raising a grievance or requesting a refund reissue. 

Stay updated on your refund status, communicate with the tax department, and follow their guidance. If delays persist, consider consulting a tax expert. Keeping your details accurate expedites the refund process.

How to Confirm Your Income Tax Refund Status

To confirm your income tax refund status, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the Income Tax e-fili